LHF Mission Statement

Los Hermanos Familia is organized exclusively to be a significant catalyst for promoting family engagement, encouraging awareness about social issues, especially those impacting families, more specifically to provide a positive environment for West Texas families and youth to learn the fundamental skills of nature, environmental stewardship, service, leadership, and cultural diversity.  

It is important for LHF to proactively promote this part of our mission to youth and families. There is a need to ensure that youth are equal partners and torchbearers in creating and implementing the goals toward environmental sustainability. And while the global scale of many current environmental issues might lead to the perception that local actions can no longer meet these challenges, LHF is going to strive to assure otherwise. One way through which people get involved in promoting sustainability and in responding to external drivers of change, using their own expertise and knowledge, is through engaging in local environmental stewardship actions and initiatives. Thus, LHF is proud to do our part.

Adopt A Highway

The Adopt-a-Highway is a Texas-born program that allows volunteers like Los Hermanos Familia to adopt stretches of the state-maintained roadway to conduct litter pickups. Our next clean-up effort will take place on TBA. Joe Ruiz & Joe Leos are the co-chairs. Register to volunteer.

Volunteers, PLEASE Read Safety Tips and then Watch Safety Video


Annual Lake Clean-Up

Los Hermanos Familia volunteers, in preparation for our annual "Vamos a Pescar, Let's Go Fishing" take time to clean trash from around the banks of the lake to assure that families don't have to worry about debris in their fishing area. More so, for safety and beautification purposes. Our next clean-up effort will be Lake Cleanup (Tuesday, August 4, 2020, at 6 p.m.) Register to volunteer. 

Kid's Fishing 101

Los Hermanos Familia provides children a chance to learn about the basics of fishing, including offering them a recycling timeline and how they can be active ambassadors of our lakes.

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