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Los Hermanos Familia believes that individuals, children, and families need guidance to build confidence and understanding of their personal finances. In partnership with local companies, we will hold a workshop series that will improve financial security in English and Spanish. 2022 Workshops - will take place Wednesdays, on April 2022.


Los Hermanos Familia is committed to the financial stability of individuals, and families especially after the pandemic where many families did not have an emergency financial fund.

As such, Los Hermanos Familia with the KEY organization will provide guidance to build financial confidence and understanding of personal finances, now and for the future. We will hold a workshop series that will improve that financial security to participants in English and Spanish - in April 2022.

Here is a summary of previous classes:

Understanding Borrowing and Credit Repair - the basics of how to start repairing any bad credit, consolidate debt, small home loans for repairs instead of credit card debt. 


Savings - will provide important info on what you need to know for saving short-term and long-term. 


Investments 101 – great insight on making your money work for you and learning the difference between money markets, mutual funds, and bonds; and, how to invest your money for retirement. 


Wills & Trusts, and Insurance - the importance of having a will and understanding insurance basics. To Be RESCHEDULED ~ Insurance Basics & More; and 6:35 to 7:30 PM ~ Wills & Trusts

More details to come soon. Please note that upon registration for the workshop series, worksheet info will be emailed.