A Special Thanks to Our #GivingTuesday Contributors:

Christy Martinez-Garcia donated $526.89 in memory of Gonzalo Garcia Sr.

Robert Rodriguez donated $500

Rosa Llanas donated $105.62

Anonymous donated $105.62 "For what you guys do for our community"

Lisa Velasquez donated $105.62

John Costilla donated $105.62

Danny Lara donated $105.62 in honor of Military Order of the Purple Heart Association

Paola Ledesma donated $100

Frank Garcia donated $52.96

Veronica Llanas donated $52.96

Joseph Llanas donated $52.96

Juanema Christensen donated $52.96

Mark Gomez donated $52.96

Moses Torres donated $52.96

Penny Morin donated $52.96 in memory of Guadalupe y Ramona Urive

Cynthia Adame donated $50

Ray Salas donated  $50

Francisco Delgadillo donated $50

Velma Medina donated $50

Regine Cliatt donated $26.63

Lesli Stone donated $26.63

Gina Perez donated $26.63

Margarita Olivarez donated $26.63

Arthur Lara donated $25

Anonymous donated $25

Janie Bocanegra donated $20

Melissa Perez donated $18

Adrian Diaz donated $17

Amaris Garcia donated $10.83



THANK YOU for Your Generosity!


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