Los Hermanos Familia, exclusively committed to strengthening families and building community, announce the placement of outdoor fitness equipment on Nov. 6, 2017. It was dedicated on Friday, November 17, 2017. 

"Los Hermanos Familia recognizes that the outdoor fitness equipment will provide citizens a chance to enrich their health and quality of life," said Christy Martinez-Garcia, President, and Founder of LHF adding that the equipment will address health disparities and offer access to fitness equipment in North Lubbock. 


Upon receiving a report about the growing health disparities of families, and the growing concerns with Diabetes, heart disease, and child obesity, she committed to doing something. Unfortunately, the city did not have a budget for equipment in North Lubbock. 


With the support and involvement of Los Hermanos Familia, they raised funds to purchase the HealthBeat Outdoor Fitness Equipment. They chose Buddy Holly Lake as the site for the equipment.

"Many families and individuals come to the lake for walking and enjoying the outdoor environment, and to our annual fishing event," said Martinez-Garcia. "They can now add fitness equipment as another choice for fitness and relaxation," she added.

Martinez-Garcia pointed out the numerous benefits that can be realized through the outdoor fitness equipment including physical health, mental health, social function, youth development, environmental and economic impacts. 

Not to mention that the installation of the equipment was designed to fit seamlessly into space which is near other park elements such as the walking track or path like the one surrounding Buddy Holly Lake, at North University and Cesar E. Chavez Drive. In this case, the equipment will be lakeside, and by a cluster of trees.

"We want to provide citizens with opportunities for relaxation, as well as encourage enjoyment, nature, health, physical fitness, and well-being - all important goals and values of Los Hermanos Familia," said Martinez-Garcia. 


The equipment is installed in the natural, outdoor setting and is designed for the beginner, intermediate and advanced user, ages 13 and up. 

Further, LHF selected 10 pieces of equipment that work all muscle types as one progresses through the circuit. This equipment includes balance steps, a cardio stepper, squat press, plyometrics, Tai Chi wheels, chest/back press, assisted row/push-up, pull-up/dip and ab crunch/leg lift, stretch station, and a mobility station.

Martinez-Garcia said that she believes the need for such an amenity in North Lubbock will be met by a user group that has little or no access to such fitness equipment. 

"This is a gift to our community and a partial solution to addressing the many health issues faced by our families. It is beneficial to the community and will have a ripple effect," she said emphasizing that it would offer them more convenient access to fitness equipment from sunrise until midnight, free of charge.

She further added that the funds were raised in part by a grant from the Caprock Foundation, as well as a donation from Latino Lubbock Magazine, and fund-raisers held by Los Hermanos Familia. In addition, the City of Lubbock Parks & Rec staff installed the equipment doing the construction of concrete pads/bases for the equipment. They will also maintain the area.

"We are grateful, and truly hope the public will utilize this gift and strive for healthier living."

HealthBeat Equipment 

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