In Memory...

Thank you to former members and volunteers who believed in our organization, unity, and the families and children of our community. While they are missed, they remain in our hearts and memories....

Gonzalo Garcia, Sr.

Fishing was the last request before his death Jan. 10,1929 to April 29,1995

Tony P. Maldonado, KOC #11807
Master Angler
July 5, 1950 to Feb. 23, 2014


Pat Thompson Flag Master/Veteran
June 14, 1941 to June 24, 2014


Larry Mack Condra Master Angler/Angling Education Specialist
April 20, 1949 to June 24, 2014

Ascencion “Chon” Garcia, KOC #11807May 7,1957 to March 30, 2015


Adrian Galvan, Omega Delta Phi Alumni
July 22,1976 to April 8, 2015


Armando "Mandito" Garcia, LULAC #263

Sept. 4, 1948 to July 21, 2017

Robert Rodriguez, LULAC #263

Nov. 17, 1948 to Aug. 14, 2018

Andy Cognasi, KOC #11807

Nov. 30, 1955 to July 4, 2019

Moses Belgara & Andy Cognasi

The Fish that Got Away 2019 Memorial Tribute


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