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Los Hermanos Familia is honored to partner with The Rennick Daniel Warriors and receive their memorial fundraiser donations for the Vamos a Pescar, Let's Go Fishing event in honor of Rennick Daniel's 2nd Year Angelversary. The Vamos a Pescar, Let's Go Fishing committee will celebrate Rennick as one of their 'Tadpoles that Got Away" at this year's event on August 3, 2024.


Read more about Rennick Daniel's story. 

Thank You!
Rennick Daniel's Story

The One That Got Away
Rennick Daniel 2011-2022
By Kaley Daniel, Mom in Mourning & Rennick Daniel Warrior Founder

The Rennick Daniel Warriors proudly honor and remember the legacy of our warrior, Rennick Daniel, and his upcoming 2nd Year Angelversary through the support of Vamos a Pescar, Let’s Go Fishing 2024!

If he was fishing, he was smiling. Whether he had a fish on or in hand was irrelevant; the boy loved every minute of fishing and the joy from it would overflow his sweetheart and cast a beaming smile that would fill all the way up to his brilliant blue eyes.

Camping, vacationing, on the weekend or squeezing in a quick stop during the week before the sun went down, Renn would always ask to go fishing and he loved taking his friends to his favorite spots...which was anywhere he could get a line wet. Handedly earning the titles of Pee-Wee Fishing Tournament Champion and family Bass Master, the fish always seemed magnetized to Rennick’s pole and he had a knack for landing them.

Through Renn’s 10-year battle with brain cancer, he exemplified the definition of warrior in every aspect – mentally, physically and spiritually. No matter what he faced – scans and surgeries, radiation treatment, the effects from treatment, symptoms and therapy – he always had a positive attitude and a tenacious, never-back-down mentality.

That’s not to say he wasn’t scared. He would tell you he prayed for his courageous and fighting spirit daily and that it was a blessing from God. He was a dedicated and loyal fisher of hope. 

Seeing God's work through Rennick has inspired 1,000 of his followers – The Rennick Daniel Warriors – across the nation, from children to adults alike, and many more. It is our warrior’s legacy of faith and giving that we strive to honor and remember while continuing to learn from him daily as we fish for hope.

We know Rennick would be proud, honored, and thankful from the bottom of his giving heart if you supported his legacy and helped to share with others the joy he found in fishing by making a donation in his name to Vamos a Pescar. As Renn would say, “Send It.” As RD Warriors would say, “It’s the good from Renn.”

You can follow Renn’s legacy and become a warrior and fisher of hope – search for Rennick Daniel Warriors on Facebook and like our page.

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